HI! I haven’t updated for another three months… >.> Ahem. School was and is kicking my butt. Mild crisis where I have no idea what I’m doing in college when I thought I was set for one thing. Still have no idea but I (hopefully) will get there eventually. Anyway, woes aside, for the past several weeks I’ve been… growing herbs! and flowers! My herbs smell wonderful~ 

Is that color not gorgeous??? Happiness for all green things~

I have three of these wonderful flowers. Will be waiting for full bloom.

Basil on top, Thyme on bottom~

Basically, all of them are still growing so much more waiting to be had. I’m wondering when do I pluck Basil leaves? Any advice?

Cutting Board - REVISIT

My first visit to Cutting Board really wasn’t a happy one but I’ve been told by (multiple) people that they do have good dishes there so here we are. 


Shrimp Popcorn, emphasis on the “popcorn”. The sauce wasn’t bad and the shrimp not bad either. No complaints.


Fatty Beef Creamy Rice. Also not terrible but I don’t know if I ordered too much this visit or something but it was a lot of beef and a lot of rice and just, a lot. It’s a really concentrated dish so if you like a lot of meat and sauce and rice and you want something filling, this is definitely it.


Lobster Roll. To be honest, since we’re in NYC, there are other places that have good lobster rolls (e.g. Luke’s Lobster - still have not tried but on top of the list, for sure). This one is..meh. Not bad, just not “wow”. 


And my favorite of this visit, Uni Pasta. I love cheese and pasta and sauce. This is fantastic. However my friend did tell me, like my Fatty Beef Creamy Rice, the longer you eat it, the longer it feels overwhelming. Hmm…

This does make me want to go back and eat there again (if not to get more consistent idea of what kind of stuff they have) and I more than likely will visit again.  


Vanilla Is My Mellow~

It’s 11 pm at night and I get this indescribable urge to bake something and remembered I’ve never made Vanilla Cupcakes. ‘Might as well make it now.’ But no cake flour, guesstimated the ratio of cornstarch and all purpose flour which is not the best idea in the world. Next time, I’ll do proper measurements. But the results aren’t terrible. Not too sweet and would be probably be done a world of good with some icing on top. 

Baked for about 17 minutes and made 17 cupcakes. After this, I realized I either need to use vanilla beans or make my own vanilla extract. No rich vanilla flavor out of store bought ones. Any ideas on how to make it?