I’ve been telling myself (over two years now) that I should visit Chikalicious. Finally went to visit and no regrets (beyond that I should have gone there earlier). 


My most favorite item on this post. The pistachio is divine and the inside has a creamy (maybe condensed milk and something else…) icing that’s so so good. Fluffy, tall, and filling.


Lychee Coconut Marshmellow. Takes a few moments to taste the any flavor. Worth it to try but probably not buying again.image

Green Tea Crepe. To be honest, the layers, to me, are really thick. I’ve tried a super thin layered Green Tea Crepe that blew me away. Comparing this one with the other, there’s no match. It’s not bad but I’ve tasted better.


Tiramisu Mochi. Again, not terrible, not terribly exciting either. And really small. Great for one time buy, not a repeat though. 


Overall: A+ for having so many different desserts on their menu. Price is meh. More than likely will go back for a quick treat.


Savory Waffles

I cashed in my groupon on Wafels And Dinges Cafe.

My friend ordered the Bacon Waffle. Sweet and bacon-y and over all delicious. 

I got the Salmon Waffle. The salmon was super overwhelming to the point I dreaded finishing the last few bites. The salad went well as a side.

Ordered a fruit waffle that was missing more than a couple of fruit listed on the menu.

The lack of words is basically my experience with the place. The layout of the cafe was unique but what was up with the workers. The cashier kept on pressing the redeem button of my groupon on my phone like the first few times couldn’t tell him that it wouldn’t work. Even after I told him it was a saved page, he looked like he still wanted to keep trying. The atmosphere of the workers made the whole experience really depressing. I’m only going back if I get another groupon.


Black Friday Dinner

After shopping for a ridiculous amount of hours, my friends and I were finally able to eat. We went to Bunna Cafe for Ethiopian Vegetarian fare.

To be honest, the neighborhood threw me off. Very few street lights, a lot of trucks. If you’ve read my other posts, I usually choose more populated and comfortable familiar areas to eat but I’m going to try to go to other neighborhoods to try food because it would be stupid not to ‘cause I was afraid of getting to the location. And Google maps has the location listed on the other side of the street instead of the actual area of the cafe. Anyway, the decor was rustic and had high school style chairs (which I looked at several times to make sure I was identifying them correctly).  

We ordered a full platter for four off their holiday menu: Kosta, Duba Wot, Shiro, Yatakilt Alicha, Enguday Tibs, Fasolia, Keysir Selata, Yesuf Fitfit, Butecha Selata; and Shai (spiced black tea). Everyone loved the mushrooms and were nicely surprised by the sweet pumpkin. We didn’t approach the beets after the first try and I didn’t particularly like certain parts. It was a very mixed reaction just feeling the flavors and textures. 

This was the first time I’ve eaten with my hands which was different. We had to use the bread to wrap and pick up the entrees. The bread was consistently sour which sometimes disappeared with certain combinations, and with others, the sour sensation was so enhanced I had to gulp down water to swallow it down. I wished they had a guide to what to combine together.

I had one friend who was a firm “no” to eating this again but after the meal I felt awesome full, not just full but the kind of full that’s satisfying and lingers but doesn’t make you feel like you want to hurl in the bathroom. I don’t know if it’s because of no meat or because of the actual content but I won’t say no if someone suggests to eat it again.